2018 Workshop Schedule   
Workshops will be held in Wendy's home studio in Santa Fe
Maximum 6 students with abundant one on one time and demos.
These workshops are intimate, intensive and fun!

Still Life Painting Workshops  2017

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Schedule for 2017 Workshops

  • Mar     22-24    Three day        9:30- 4:00   Thur-Sat          $365        Candle Light: Painting Luminous Worlds Lit by Fire 

  • May     24-26    Three day        9:30- 4:00   Thur-Sat          $365       Fundamentals: Capturing the Sublime Beauty of the Every Day

  • July    19-21     Three day        9:30- 4:30   Thur-Sat          $365       Metals and Glass: Exploring The Language of Light and Form

  • Sept    13-15     Three day        9:30-  4:30  Thur-Sat          $365        Inviting the Muse: Courtship and Commitment  to the Source of Inspiration (and other practical skills!)

  • Nov      15-17     Three day        9:30- 4:30   Thur-Sat          $365       Freedom in Boundaries: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Representational Painting  (Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Washwater!?)

All workshops are designed to teach the fundamentals with an emphasis on a particular theme.  Prerequisite for all workshops are basic drawing skills and some experience painting with oils.  All classes are VOC free, with no open solvents. Non-toxic mediums   such as walnut oil , Res-N-Gel or Italian Wax Medium only, please.

Workshops will be held in Santa Fe, NM at Wendy's home studio.  All info, including suggested materials list and directions will be emailed when a 50% downpayment for the workshop has been received. 

To contact us or to register please fill out the Contact Us form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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